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crockett's breakfast camp in gatlinburg

Long before sharks moved into downtown Gatlinburg and moonshine was legal in the hills of Tennessee the community that attracts millions of guests every year today, was a small and simple place known as White Oak Flats. One of the residents back then was a man named David C. “Crockett” Maples. A family man that served not only served his country but also his community. After receiving an honorable discharge in September of 1865 Crockett returned to his Smoky Mountain home and worked to provide for his family by running a supply store at the foot of the mountains with the assistance of his wife Mary. The couple were known at that time serving up the best mountain man breakfast in the area to travelers passing through. Today, their family continues their legacy at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp and since opening it’s become one of the hottest breakfast spots in all of the Great Smoky Mountains. Why should you eat there? Here are 3 reasons, but let’s be honest, the first one should be enough to stir up a desire for you to experience it yourself.

1. Two Words: Cinnamon Rolls

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Every year 12 million folks from all over the country roll into the Smoky Mountains in search of the beauty of the hills, and the cinnamon rolls at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, do a google search or take a peek at “Crockett’s Cinnamon Roll” on Facebook. It’s the talk of the town. They’re huge, delicious, hot, heavenly, and the best cinnamon rolls in all of Appalachia.

2. Made for a Mountain Man, Perfect for Everyone

When you visit Crockett’s Breakfast Camp you need to make sure that you’re hungry because you’ll receive a heaping amount of whatever dish you decide to order. French toast, skillets filled with eggs, Ground Angus chuck, Hunt Camp Potatoes, sausage and gravy, eggs benedict, thick griddle cakes, pancakes, cham, friend bologna, oatmeal, grits, omelets, scramblers, a breakfast quesadilla, waffles, a long list of fixins on the side, and just about anything you can think of in terms of breakfast food, fills the dining room at Crockett’s every morning. You won’t leave hungry and you will certainly get your money’s worth in food and drinks.

3. A Local Legacy that was Built on Love

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Our last reason as to why you should eat at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp is simply because it’s all things Smokies. By connecting to the history of the hills you’ll find that you’ll truly enjoy your experience and go back home feeling like you’re a part of the story. The local owners of Crockett’s could have easily tossed up another chain restaurant. However, they treasure their family’s heritage and the legacy that they left in east Tennessee. Today, they’re not only paying homage to their loved ones but they’re creating a legacy of their own that will be carried on from this generation to the next. They would love for you to support their dream and to enjoy the incredible atmosphere and menu that they’ve put together for you.

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