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The Appalachian Lodge

If you haven’t been to the newest mountain-themed restaurant in Gatlinburg yet, then you need to go the next time you’re in town! Cumberland Jack’s recently opened downtown right along the Strip, and it’s the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner. Keep reading to find out why you should eat at Cumberland Jack’s in Gatlinburg TN.

Fun Appalachian Theme

man and dog in the woodsRestaurants with a theme are more fun to eat at! Cumberland Jack’s is designed after a mountain lodge, because their name actually comes from the companion of the first caretaker of LeConte Lodge, Paul Adams. Cumberland Jack was a German Shepard who always went on adventures with Adams. The dog protected Adams, and he would also fetch supplies from the Ogle Store in town and bring them back up to the lodge.

As soon as you set foot in the building, the Appalachian theme is prevalent. The exterior has a log cabin feel, while the interior has natural looking wood floors, exposed wooden beams, and other dark wood accents. The lights are reminiscent of lanterns, and the decor will definitely make you feel like you’ve traveled a long way for a warm meal.

Fantastic Location

crockett's breakfast camp in gatlinburgAs we mentioned, Cumberland Jack’s in Gatlinburg TN is located downtown. It is right next to Crockett’s Breakfast Camp. If you don’t want to have to move your vehicle from our parking lot, you can always walk to the restaurant from our hotel!

The Delicious Food

Of course, the main reason you should visit Cumberland Jack’s in Gatlinburg TN is because of their delicious food! They have incredible southern cuisine, and there’s something for everyone on the menu.

The pan-seared beef liver and sautéed onions are a classic combo you don’t want to miss. You also can’t go wrong with braised brisket served with mashed potatoes, stewed carrots, and cabbage.

If you’d rather have chicken, the double-breaded, deep-fried chicken breast is a fantastic meal since it’s served with mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, and your choice of a side. They also have smoked chicken that’s been stuffed with cornbread dressing.

rack of ribs on a wooden cutting board sitting next to a cup of barbeque sauce and a basterOther barbecue inspired dishes include pulled pork based with vinegar-based barbecue sauce and piled on top of grilled bread, smoked meatloaf paired with mashed potatoes and green beans, and a slab of ribs covered in the house barbecue sauce.

Cumberland Jack’s also has seafood options. You can’t go wrong with the fried catfish that’s served with hushpuppies and your choice of a side, but there’s also mountain trout broiled in lemon butter and served with the side of your choice.

Veggies include stewed carrots, country green beans, fried okra, potato salad, creamed corn, mac and cheese, and fried hominy.

No matter what you decide to try, you’ll leave full!

Now you know why you should eat at Cumberland Jack’s in Gatlinburg TN. The incredible food and fun theme will keep you coming back for more! Speaking of coming back, if you’re ready to start planning your next getaway, look through our Gatlinburg hotel rooms, and book one for your trip!