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The Village Shops in Downtown Gatlinburg

For many, a trip to Gatlinburg is never truly complete without a shopping trip! With so many unique stores located throughout the area, everyone is sure to be able to find something that interests them. If you are looking for some of the best places to go shopping in Gatlinburg, check out some of these great destinations and you’ll be sure to find the perfect souvenir or gift!

1. The Village Shops

The Village Shops in GatlinburgOne of the most unique and charming places to go shopping in Gatlinburg is at The Village Shops, a collection of 26 uniquely themed stores that is designed to look like an old European village. You will love the atmosphere at this open-air shopping destination, as you stroll between interesting shops like the Spice & Tea Exchange and Pop Culture! If you are planning a shopping trip in Gatlinburg, The Village Shops are certainly worth a visit.

2. The Mountain Mall

Another great spot to go shopping in Gatlinburg is the Mountain Mall, located in the heart of the downtown strip. This shopping center is all indoors, which can be a great option for a rainy or cold day. Although this location is technically a mall, it is far from your typical shopping center. This iconic spot in town began as a general store in 1910 and eventually became the Mountain Mall in 1978. Since then, visitors have loved checking out this unique place to go shopping in Gatlinburg.

3. Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community

great smoky arts and crafts signIf you are interested in bringing home some handmade goods and souvenirs from your trip to the Smoky Mountains, then the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community is a perfect destination for you to go shopping in Gatlinburg. This area features the largest independent organizations of artisans in the United States, with over 100 artists located across the 8-mile loop. As you explore this vibrant area, you will be able to learn from the artists, enjoy demonstrations, get food from charming eateries, and lots more!

4. The Marketplace

Yet another option where you can enjoy excellent shopping in Gatlinburg is at The Marketplace, located along the downtown strip. Whether you are looking for food, gifts, souvenirs, or something else, you can most likely find it at The Marketplace. With its blend of brand name and specialty stores, interesting architecture, and convenient location, The Marketplace is a perfect addition to a shopping outing in Gatlinburg!

When you visit some of these great destinations for shopping in Gatlinburg, you will be able to find the perfect souvenir to remember your trip, a gift for a loved one, or an interesting item that will leave you with a fun story to tell! And when you come to visit Gatlinburg, what better place is there to stay than at The Appy Lodge? We have comfortable guest rooms that are perfect for any occasion, from a romantic weekend away for two to a family vacation. Check out our full selection of lodging options today and get ready to enjoy a fantastic getaway to Gatlinburg! We look forward to welcoming you.