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Coffee lovers rejoice! We have great news for you! If you plan on visiting Gatlinburg this year, not only do we have some incredible spots to grab a cup of joe, but 3 of the top coffee shops are in our beautiful downtown area. This offers up an opportunity to also experience the charm of taking a stroll through the shops while many guests are still sleeping. Folks that love sleeping in and a little hustle and bustle with their day, will also get their fix as well, so no worries if you choose to snooze!

Here are 3 of the top Gatlinburg coffee shops to add to your list for your next vacation in the Smoky Mountains!

Donut Friar

If you’ve ever been to the Smokies then there’s a great chance that you’ve already been to the Donut Friar and fallen in love with both their coffee and pastries. Located in the heart of The Village Shops, this little shop is one of the most visited local businesses in town. However, in the early hours of the morning it’s a quiet and quaint location for embracing the start of your day. A hot cup of their wonderful coffee goes perfect with everything from the Bavarian cream donuts to their delicious cinnamon twist. Once you’ve had a good dose of caffeine and sugar, head out on the trails for a beautiful hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

The Village Shops in downtown GatlinburgCoffee and Company

The Village is a hub for coffee fanatics! Just around the corner from the Donut Friar is the Coffee and Company shop. A great little spot with a wonderful barista, perfection in a cup that they refer to as coffee and some unique gifts to snag for your friends and family. The ambiance is cozy, staff is helpful and you can take a bag of their delightful coffee home with you!

Burg Coffees, Inc

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’ll absolutely love Burg Coffees, Inc in downtown Gatlinburg! Try one of their traditional macchiatos, chai teas and red eye options. Guests also enjoy the laid-back and chill vibe of the shop. Iced espressos and smoothies are available as well and are perfect when you’re exploring the Smokies on a hot summer day. The next time you’re in the area and need a hug in a mug, swing by Burg Coffees and they’ll take care of you!

What goes perfectly with coffee? A Smoky Mountain sunrise! If you’re ready for both, take a minute to Browse Our Guest Rooms here at The Appy Lodge and start planning your next escape to the Smokies! Our Amenities include a complimentary breakfast with as much as coffee and tea as you need. Spend a few minutes relaxing by one of our outdoor fire pits or fireplaces before heading out for round 2 of your coffee fix. Then make your next stop a mountain top with stunning views of the Appalachian Mountains!

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