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The Appalachian Lodge
appalachian trail in the smoky mountains

Do you love to chase the white blazes, take in the views of the Great Smoky Mountains and explore the hills of Appalachia? Then our hotel, The Appy Lodge, is the perfect place for you! Check out these 3 reasons for why hikers love staying with us!

The AT is the Heart of Our Hotel

Gatlinburg hotel lobbyOur Gatlinburg hotel was created to pay homage to America’s most loved footpath, the Appalachian Trail. Hikers that have a deep love for the AT as well as those that have yet to experience time on the trail, will absolutely love staying with us! From the moment you walk in our door you are surrounded by the Appalachian Trail. Throughout our lobby and hallways you’ll find photographs of the trail that were taken by hikers, maps, historical photographs, a timeline of the trail’s creation and numerous stories about the pioneers of the trail. We have custom-made trail signs around every corner that were handmade by an AT thru-hiker. In our gift shop you’ll find books, souvenirs and more. When you reach your guest room you’ll find that you were actually assigned to an Appalachian Trail shelter during your stay. Every room in the hotel is named after a “home away from home” on the trail and they are placed in order from Georgia to Maine. Want to go for a swim? Take a dip in our indoor pool that’s named after Stratton Pond, the largest body of water on the AT. We’re confident that not only will you love being immersed in the Appalachian Trail during your stay, but you’ll also be inspired to hike a few more miles on the trail this year… You may even find yourself itching to take a thru-hike!

Our Mission and Commitment to The Appalachian Trail

When our owners’ came up with the idea to use the hotel as a way to pay tribute to a true American treasure and the great outdoors, they also decided that they wanted it to be much more than just a theme. They wanted to inspire guests to explore the trail and to fall in love with the mountains, but they also wanted to make a difference. That’s how we came to partner up with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and why we continue to support the amazing organization that cares for the AT and works continuously to carry on the legacy of the trail for future generations. Want to join us in supporting the ATC? Pick up a few Appalachian Trail items from our onsite market during your stay!

Our Location

the appalachian trail in the smoky mountainsHikers that are seeking adventure on the Appalachian Trail love staying at our hotel in Gatlinburg because the Newfound Gap access to the trail is just 30 minutes away! You can reach the Gatlinburg entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from our hotel by taking a trip through downtown or you can take a right, hop on the spur and then use the Gatlinburg bypass and roll straight into the park. You can also arrive in the Cosby section of the park within 30 minutes and you can be at Davenport Gap or Big Creek in less than an hour.

If you’re heading to the Smokies this year and want to experience the Appalachian Trail, stay with us! We have a great selection of Guest Rooms and Our Amenities will add to the enjoyment and comfort of your time in Gatlinburg! You can plan hikes on the AT as well as hikes in different areas of the most visited national park in America!

We look forward to seeing you and until then, happy trails!

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