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The Great Smoky Mountains are known worldwide for their never-ending ridges of blue, foggy valleys and stunning vistas. However, often when the Smokies are mentioned people also think of one of our most famous residents, Dolly Parton. Along with the mention of Dolly also comes the thought of Tennessee’s most popular theme park, Dollywood. With a few million people visiting the park every season, it’s pretty clear that there are some pretty special things happening behind the gates of most successful amusement destination in the Smokies!

We have put together just 10 of the hundreds of gems tucked away at Dollywood to help get you started on making your own list of reasons that you’ll want to visit the park on your next vacation with us in Gatlinburg!

1. A Ride that has Stood the Test of Time

blazing fury ride at dollywoodThe Blazing Fury: For decades guests at Dollywood have looked forward to riding The Blazing Fury with friends and family. Many have returned year after year and even now have the opportunity to ride with their children and share with them the memories of riding the same ride as a child. A day in the park isn’t just about having fun for that day, it’s about making memories that last a lifetime!

2. Funnel Cakes, Funnel Cakes!

You get the point, swing by Crossroads Funnel Cakes or Splinter’s for a sweet treat that’s a must have when wandering Dollywood!

3. All Aboard!!

A ride on the Dollywood Express is another classic experience that you won’t want to miss! You’ll travel for 5 miles through the foothills of the Smokies as passengers are pulled by a 110-ton coal powered steam engine and given a tour of the hills like no other!

4. A Heart Racing Ride on the Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod Ride at DollywoodTraveling at a maxed out speed of 73 mph, the Lightning Rod is the fastest wooden coaster that exist! You’ll go from 0 to 45 just on the 20 story climb to it’s first airtime moments. It’s sure to leave even the most hardcore thrill seeker with a good dose of adrenaline and the desire to ride again and again!

5. Take Flight with the Eagles

Have you ever dreamed of soaring with the eagles through the Smoky Mountain sky? America’s First Wing Coaster, the Wild Eagle allows you to do just that! The ride takes you 21 stories above the hustle and bustle of the park and gives you a perspective and feeling that can’t be found anywhere else!

6. Culture and Crafts

A trip to the Smokies most loved theme park is also a great way to experience the beautiful crafts and culture of appalachia! From a Blacksmith to woodcarvers and a visit to the Grist Mill, you’ll have the opportunity to witness firsthand the work and passion that has been poured into the mountains for centuries!

7. Take a Journey with Dolly

Dollywood’s Heartsong is a fantastic multi-sensory show that gives you an opportunity to take a journey through the Smokies with Dolly. It’s the perfect addition to a fun filled day in the park!

8. Whimsical Moments in Wildwood Grove

Wildwood Grove sign in DollywoodOne of the latest additions to Dollywood brings the magic of the mountains to life in a land created for children but that’s also loved by adults! With 11 new experiences that are great for families to enjoy, Dolly has not only shared the beauty of her imagination with us but has created a place for parents and children at Dollywood to bond through fun and laughter in a way that’s truly magical!

9. Ride the River!

The Smoky Mountain River Rampage is one of the top rides in the park and on a hot summer day, it’s the spot to be if you’re looking to cool off! Every trip down the river is unique so make time to at least repeat the fun once or even twice!

10. Tis the Season!

Every open season is the season to visit Dollywood! From extended hours and nightly fireworks during the Summer Celebrate to the Harvest Festival complete with the Great Pumpkin LumiNights experience to A Smoky Mountain Christmas and every even in between – Dollywood is definitely the place for never-ending celebrations!

Do you need one more reason to visit Dollywood on your next vacation to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains?

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