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The Great Smoky Mountains are known for moonshine tastings! It’s a ton of fun to go around to the different distilleries and try all of their unique flavors, especially since you probably don’t see moonshine where you live very often. But which distillery should you visit, or at least, visit first? Here are the top 3 places to try moonshine in Gatlinburg:

Note: All of the distilleries in Gatlinburg do charge a $5 tasting fee, but this fee goes towards a purchase in the gift shop.

1. Ole Smoky

ole smoky barrelhouse in gatlinburgThe most well-known distillery in the area is Ole Smoky. They’ve made quite a name for themselves, building stores all over Tennessee for guests to visit. There’s actually 3 stores in the Smoky Mountain area alone! The Holler is the most popular destination in Gatlinburg, because that’s where it all started. You can actually book a tour to see the stills and how moonshine is made. In addition to the distillery, there’s also a gift shop at this location, with old vehicles, exposed wooden beams, and bottles of moonshine lining the walls. Of course, you’ll also spot the moonshine tasting stations all around the shop, and the tasting leaders that make the experience super fun for everyone who is 21 years old and up!

The Holler isn’t the only location in Gatlinburg, though! There’s also The Barrelhouse across the street in downtown. This storefront is actually for Ole Smoky’s whiskey selection. You can taste their most popular flavors of whiskey, as well as pick up a few moonshine-themed souvenirs! It doesn’t matter which location you go to, or if you visit both, you’ll have a great time!

2. Sugarlands Distilling Co

sugarland distilling co in downtown gatlinburgAnother fantastic option for trying moonshine in Gatlinburg is Sugarlands Distilling Co. This business is locally owned, making it a popular choice for several people! Their building is reminiscent of a barn, making you feel like you really came to the mountains to try true mountain dew! They pride themselves in making quality craft spirits, including moonshine, whiskey, and other liquors.

Some of the most popular and unique flavors at Sugarlands include Blueberry Muffin, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Maple Bacon, and Chipper Jones’ Sweet Tea Moonshine.

3. Tennessee Shine Company

An old moonshine still on some rocks.Tennessee Shine Company is another place where you will find moonshine in Gatlinburg. This is another local moonshine company that also sells whiskeys, wines, and other spirits. To set themselves apart, Tennessee Shine Company has a partnership with Moonpies, creating a whole line of Moonpie flavored moonshine! They have Strawberry Cream, Banana Cream, and Coconut Cream.

They also have cream moonshine flavors, like Choco Moo, Big Orange Dreamsicle, and Nanner Pudding for those people with a sweet tooth. If you like a bold flavor, then you’ll want to try the Blue Houdini or Straight Off the Still. Of course, you’ll find the fruity flavors like Blackberry and Peach, and a pretty unique one called Jalapeno Cornbread! You’ll have a blast exploring all the flavors at Tennessee Shine Company!

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